The soil of the Lolland region of Denmark is rich and fertile, and that rich fertility has peppered the land with numerous beautiful mansions and estates, including the majestic Engestofte estate on the shores of the Maribo Lakes.

A former royal estate that dates back to 1457, Engestofte mansion offers both privacy and unparalleled bucolic beauty, unspoilt by other buildings and human activity. The estate is surrounded by remarkable lush flora and fauna, and a walk through the woods brings the promise of seeing beautiful rare orchids and spotting pairs of breeding sea eagles.

The 830-hectare Engestofte estate is now owned by the Egeskov family, and it is run as a centre for forestry, farming, and hunting.

One of Engestofte’s barns has recently been recommissioned and renovated as a 500-seater performance venue, and this fantastic space will be used to present Danish Arts Fest productions, while the estate’s extensive grounds will be brought to life by various performance artists during future festivals.

The Engestofte estate has earned the prestigious protected EUROPARC status.